Top of the Line

Our group is diverse and collaborative which has lead to explosive growth through knowledge transfer. The culture and approach at The Latest Development have significant value to our customers: it defines the content and services we deliver. 

Our past experiences send us looking for new ones so that we can keep pace with client's specific needs. We understand that all industries are different, but we can further your presence through technology and branding. The following is a quick introduction to TLD and our culture.


The Latest Development approach reflects that technology alone has no value, but that technology efficiently applied to a business problem has tremendous value – no matter how small. We work within constraints of time and budget to deliver a solution that generates the most bang for the proverbial buck.

Creative energies are directed first at understanding the overall requirements, analyzing the underlying reasoning, factoring in constraints and determining the potential paths of execution. These same energies are then applied to designing multiple cases of form following function – a marriage of art and technology – for the client to decide the path that makes the most sense for them at that time.

Technology for technology’s sake is a quick path to failure. This is partly driven by the tired but true phrase: Time is Money. Spending time on solutions that have no business relevance or user satisfaction is a costly mistake. By the same token, learning and exploiting new technologies to deliver a business solution in an aggressive time frame is a very wise investment.

But, the basic and guiding truth to consider is that a solution delivered beyond the window of opportunity is no solution at all.


The Latest Development solution is one that can not simply live and breathe in the Internet world, but serve as a key piece in making your company stand out from the rest. The Internet business climate dictates certain qualities necessary for survival and success.

Ø TLD creative solutions will generate a certain amount of buzz and traffic to a company’s site. They are cutting-edge artistically and interactively, playing to the ever-demanding consumer of Web content.

Ø TLD writing solutions are customized to the audience intended for the site. Copy is written to deliver a consistent message and style.

Ø TLD marketing solutions are based on the dynamic patterns of growth and change. The open nature of the Internet marketplace allows anyone to compete directly and efficiently in a given vertical. We can help you try to define a niche in that marketplace and establish differentiators or simply to follow a current trend.

Ø TLD technology solutions can be built to work within an architecture that supports the introduction of new and possibly radical ideas; or it can use off the shelf and existing software to develop and integrate the perfect combination for your specific needs.


The TLD toolbox is full of the experience that enables us to deliver solutions in the spirit of the TLD approach. The most important consideration is pragmatism; a TLD solution is delivered in the most aggressive timeframe without loss of the qualities that define a TLD solution. Excepting that, the preference will always be for fully interactive and extensible solutions that are classic yet fresh.

Currently we find that those solutions are best built with Flash or robust HTML on the front end of an application server infrastructure. A solution is built following the best design principals in a context for a specific customer.

TLD designers realize reuse through refactoring solutions, not by spending customer’s money on generic solutions. We believe that layout and code reuse is a side effect of good design. We do not preclude any solution that enables us to deliver the spirit and quality that defines TLD. There are tools and solutions on various platforms that define state of the art for certain solutions and they are leveraged as applicable. Existing legacy systems are integrated and leveraged wherever possible to reap the timesavings gained by reuse. With regard to content, dedicated styles and brands are understood to be sacred and can be easily followed according to guidelines and acceptance policies. 

Bottom Line

Pragmatism guides all these decisions and also dictates that given a blank sheet of paper and no unique technology requirements, we can provide the most business value and can deliver well the spirit and quality that is an TLD solution.

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