We help you see all your potential opportunities from different vantage points while envisioning the pitfalls in the periphery.

The Latest Development offers work for hire on an hourly or per project basis. Initial quotes, up to 3 hours work, are free.

Team Building and Leadership


proven leadership capabilities with varying levels of personnel in a fast-paced development environment

  1. We work with all aligned contributors, from senior management to contractors, in order to build a project plan, write detailed business requirements documents and follow through to development and production.
  2. We hire only savvy, creative thinkers with the ability to flesh out and prioritize their tasks and execute in an environment where time to market is critical.
  3. As technical recruiters, we can build many departments from the ground up, from interns with potential  to executives with a track record.
  4. We promote mentoring to increase both communication, empathy and learning among various disciplined teams on both sides of the contract.

Business Development

a commonsense understanding of application technologies and their integration into legacy systems; partnership development; and high-profile customer sales and management
  1. We can act as the technical, pre-screen rationale and liaison for your business development team.  We are capable of communicating, on many levels, various technical information [architecture, integration, data flow, etc.]
  2. We can clearly identify what your prospects require and what you can or cannot technically support within your current and future infrastructure  and determine if an interim solution can be implemented to meet your prospects needs.
  3. We may serve as a key technical role in landing a major client by performing most aspects of SOW and contract negotiations.
  4. We thoroughly research and screen potential technology partners for major integration pieces.

Product Development and Project Management

coordinating and managing cross-functional teams including strategic partnerships

  1. Creative analytical skills from determining root cause to resolutions and execution
  2. Understanding business requirements from customers, partners and other product groups, and communicating these requirements to a cross-functional development team
  3. Specifying and managing product and project parameters and deliverables
  4. Lead all aspects of projects and relationships including identify project components, cross-functional dependencies and implications, and resources needed
  5. Managing a collaborative product definition process based on a combined understanding of customer requirements, marketing’s competitive research, business development’s potential partners, company strategy, emerging technology and e-business trends.
  6. Balancing resource/scope tradeoffs to ensure the timely delivery of approved projects by guiding and reviewing interface design, help systems, documentation, tools, services and support plans.
  7. Budget analysis and tracking; timing and assuring congruency of Web and print for marketing campaigns.

Our project management and business development services are customized to your needs and may include:

  1. investigating business requirements
  2. documenting specifications and use cases
  3. defining constraints (budget, scope, resources, system architecture) and potential solutions or work-arounds in a phased-in approach
  4. oversight of large-scale project development
  5. partner integration development (potential technology or content partners identification, analysis and negotiation)
  6. competitive market analysis and target emailings

Programming and Development

Our full-service development shop delivers a wide range of solutions. We concentrate mainly on the user experience, which resides at the front end, but are fully capable of developing a truly dynamic experience with data feeds from existing systems.

  1. Saas application development
  2. banner ads
  3. Flash and HTML email solos
  4. copywriting
  5. full turnkey site design and development
  6. database integration
  7. online forms
  8. brand building and enhancing (style guides and logos)
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