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The management team at The Latest Development has over 35 years of leadership and software development experience in the way of CD-ROM, Web and Internet development.  Our greatest assets are a combination of universal business management skills, a passion for content presentation, an understanding of emerging technologies and a natural capacity for both team building and customer empathy.
We're a small band of experienced entrepreneurs that have been in the thick of startup companies. We've been weathered by the dotcom experience from 1997-2002 and have realized we are happiest and most productive taking on new challenges, learning from our clients and exceeding expectations.

Cynthia O’Keefe, Founder and Web Strategist

For nearly two decades, Cynthia has been increasing her responsibilities in Business Analysis and Project Management in a number of verticals. She contributes to the team’s technical writing providing initial proposals, statements of work, specifications, and white papers. In 2000, O’Keefe was the VP of Product Development at Answers, Inc., a CRM ASP providing dynamic Q&A and integrated chat - utilizing leading edge Natural Query Language Processing (NQLP) and co-authored the patented Answer Engine.

J. Michael Morrison, Founder and Software Developer

Mike is a career entrepreneur, having started his first business in 1987. He has served on the board of many Internet companies and had founded KnowWare (a successful development house that produced award-winning software for The Learning Company, CitySearch, Broderbund and Knowledge Adventure) and (now the defunct Frontera Corp.) with Bill Gross from idealab! Within six months, over 500,000 people were using's technology to create their own Internet home pages. The technology was first licensed to ICQ/AOL and later to and other companies. In addition, he was integral in raising $16.5 million from venture capitalists for His most recent corporate incarnations, circa 2000, Mike was President of Answers, Inc. and CEO of SpringBee.

Nathan Yarrington, Interactive Design Genius

Nate is an animator, multimedia designer, and Flash programmer with years of experience creating interactive multimedia in Flash. Some of his previous clients include Toyota, Target, Princess Cruises, and General Mills.

Creative Team

all our artists and writers have backgrounds in traditional and digital media

  • 2D illustration and design
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • traditional and digital animation
  • print and prepress
  • technical, copy and creative writing


idealab!, an Internet incubator company started by Bill Gross that has created the likes of (Overture), CitySearch,,,, and Picasa.

SpringBee, a "pre-incubator", connects nascent technologies with the expertise and talent necessary to assemble these critical elements and launch winners. SpringBee has suspended operations due to market conditions.

Town of Barrington, New Hampshire, a small town government site.

KnowWare, a Bay Area software development company.

Answers, Inc., a CRM SAAS that specialized in Q&A, integrated chat and the use of NLP/NQL to bring online customer support to small-medium businesses who could not otherwise afford it. Co-authored Answer Engine, patented.

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